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PP 2.0 Technics
Piano Pear 2.0

Piano Pear originally opened at One Framingham Centre, Framingham, in September of 2011. Due to COVID, the on-site lesson location closed in March 2020. For health safety reasons, lessons converted exclusively to virtual learning, via FaceTime and Skype. They continue in that manner today, happily with a great degree of success. And some students actually prefer the convenience to on-site lessons!

We're grateful that so many students chose to continue in this new model of learning, and are looking forward to introducing even more aspiring pianists to realizing their dream!


From children (age 8+ with prior lessons) to adults, Piano Pear will find the way to bring the love of music into your life! Whether you love Beethoven or Billy Joel, acoustic piano or digital piano, purely reading notes or being creative, we're here to put you on the path forward!

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