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Class and private instruction

Private lessons

The key element of lessons is to build a solid foundation in musical theory, note-reading, rhythm, expressiveness, playing technique and pedaling.  In addition, it is important to learn the skill of practicing correctly. But as important are enjoyment & exploration, so training  will range from Bach to Billy Joel, acoustic expressiveness to digital application.


Private lessons are scheduled weekly for 30/45/60 minutes pending availability. Please call (508) 904-9700 or email for current days/times available.


Upcoming class lessons    

"Adult Beginner Piano Class" 

This class is geared to very first time adult players, with emphasis on enjoying piano as a recreational and expressive pastime. It introduces music reading (notes and counting) in classic and pop styles. It also features an intro to chords, for the rock keyboardist in you!  Having a piano/keyboard at home is not required, but certainly the best way to have fun!Need a gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for adult? Maybe someone who has always wanted to play the piano, a recreational, relaxing escape into music? SIGN THEM UP!

Virtual classes TBA*

"Intro to Piano & Keyboard Lessons" (Age 8)

Geared for young beginners, this class introduces basic musical concepts and enjoyment of playing piano, through active piano time and music from classical to pop! Students will be introduced to the white & black keys, "pre-staff" note-reading, rhythm, the pedal, fun pages and duets! it will also include exploration of digital piano and keyboard features!(Having access to/owning an instrument is strongly recommended for best experience.)


Virtual classes TBA*


*Maximum of 6 persons per class with minimum enrollment of 2 persons per class. To confirm enrollment, payment

(cash or check) must be received by dates listed above for the courses. No makeup lessons, nor refund for absences. 


Additional class lessons


Additional upcoming classes include "Intro to Digital Piano & Keyboard Software", an exploration of software applications, and "Piano Fun for More than One!", the opportunity to play duets and more with others!  Schedule will be posted very soon!

Intro to Piano & Keyboard Features* (ages 8+) date TBA

Now, more families have digital pianos or keyboards than traditional acoustic pianos, but they don't know what to do with all the buttons! This class explores the fun and amazing abilities of these instruments, from recording, "layering" sounds, "splitting" the keyboard, background accompaniments & more!


*Current playing ability requested for enrollment

Virtual classes TBA*

We offer lessons for adults, beginner to advanced, home hobbyist to aspiring performer, and younger students (age 8+) who have already had prior piano training. Please contact us for a complimentary student/teacher online introductory meeting!

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