Piano Pear opened in September 2011, and is very proud to be a part of the Framingham community. We moved to a beautiful new location in November 2015, still in One Framingham Centre, at the intersection of Edgell Rd & Route 9, across from Framingham State University.

Note: Due to COVID-19, the studio is now operating at 45 Tassi Dr in Marlboro, MA


Why Piano “Pear”?  Pear is the perfect acronym for our musical mission-- encouraging performance, education, appreciation and recreation. The leaf above the word symbolizes nurturing and growth of the love of music.




Playing the piano for one’s self is rewarding, but to share that music with others, whether it be family and friends, a school concert, or talent show takes it to a whole new level. The prior preparation, and ultimately a performance, gives a sense of achieving a goal, building self-confidence and inspiring pride and excitement with each new round of applause.




A piano education has benefits 

far beyond making music. The skills developed during practice and study of an assigned piece, such as disciplined study habits and analysis or problem solving skills, may cross over into other academic studies. Plus, playing piano requires a coordination of mind and body (the ultimate multi-task), and best of all, the heart and soul.









Music takes on more meaning if we explore the background of a piece. Learning about the composers, times and events they lived in, characteristics of their musical period, as well as instruments and performance standards of that time, brings the music “to life”. It is now no longer simply print on a page, but a visit to our cultural past, be it Beethoven or the Beatles.




Education aside, playing piano can be just plain fun! Whether a younger child wants to play a favorite Disney tune, or a teen wants to play a pop song from their iPod, recreational playing is strongly encouraged, as well as improvising and composing

with Sibelius® music software.

Recreational music making is a 

also a growing trend for adults, ready to begin piano for fun!


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